Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are You Kidding Me

     It started out like any other typical morning.  I told the kids to get up and get ready for school.  Ten minutes later I told them again and ten minutes after that I yelled it.  As the zombies that were not yet my children stumbled down the stairs to gather their things to get out the door as fast as it was humanly possible for us in the mornings, the cat that is Zeus politely threw up at my feet.  I quickly clean that up, shooed the kids out the door and into the car where we drove to our desired location.  At least once a week before school as a treat we go to our favorite coffee shop to have hot chocolate, coffee and breakfast and chat with others who might be up at the crack of dawn like us.
     On this particular day I had decided to wear white pants, which I rarely wear (mostly because I’m a klutzy slob).  I also got my coffee to go that day...BIG MISTAKE!  Got the kids to school and I was two blocks from work (two flipping blocks!) and I went to take a drink, the cup slipped out of my hand, upside down, in my lap, down my seat, on my white pants (OMG, OMG, HOT, HOT, IT BURNS, IT BURNS!) I get to work and I swear it looked like I had eaten a bag of those chips with olean in them... it was awful.  White pants + black Italian roast coffee = bad.  I unfortunately (yeah right) do not have a picture of this momentous occasion, even though I was asked by several of my co-workers if they could take one.  Thank goodness I had the good sense to say no!  

    The lesson: Don’t Drink and Drive!                    


  1. Stories like that make me remember to be grateful that I work in my jammies :)