Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm so excited I could pee!

    It's almost here!  The One for the Money movie!  Although I'm not entirely thrilled about the casting with the exception of Sherri Shepherd playing Lula, the movie looks really good.  I can't help but wonder if the casting director bothered to read the first book or any of the books for that matter.  Ranger is completely wrong (what, no ponytail?) and if you don't remember, in the first book, he was a homeboy thug.  Stephanie is supposed to have blue eyes and curly hair, and really....isn't Morrelli suppose to be HOT? Oh well, I'm still excited to see it with my band of bitches and love every minute of it...


  1. I LOVE these books. I am so excited to see it! Wait, I didn't see ranger ont he previews. NO PONYTAIL? Are they insane?

    Sherri Shepherd looks fantastic. I cannot wait to see if her Lula and "my" Lula (the one in my head) match up :)

  2. Ranger is the dark yummy one but as you know he's not suppose to me dark and yummy until much later. if you click on the "oneforthemoneyfilm" link under the picture it will take you to the movie trailer. Enjoy!