Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Forgive me Father.....

    Ok, so we were recently at our church for Family Fun Night.  It was fairly nice out so my husband and son decided to walk as we only live a couple of blocks away and my daughter had already gone up earlier and I drove since I had food to bring.

     Reesey and I thought it would be funny if we jumped out and scared the boys when they came into the church (ok so it was mostly me), so we hid on either side of the frosted windowed doors waiting for them to come down the stairs.  When we could see my husband's dark-colored jacket through the doors, we jumped out (me the louder one of course) and yelled RAAAH! 

     All that know me know that I am the biggest dork spaz, that said... As it turns out, it was not my husband or son to come walking through the was the pastor from the other church in our town of whom I had never met and I had just scared the crap out of him!  I was so embarrassed!  I apologized and apologized some more and told him "I'm so sorry, I thought you were my husband" and his reply was "oh, how long have we been married?"  He was very kind about it.  Of course my daughter just slinked off to go play elsewhere without a care in her little 8-year-old little world.  Of course who should come walking through the doors not even a minute later but my husband and son.  I could've died.    

     We ended up chatting and making light of it throughout the evening then playing a great game of Yatzee!   It was a great Family Fun Night and I have definitely learned my lesson, do not scare unless you have a confirmed visual!!

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