Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Was Here...Again This Week

     The Tooth Fairy has been to our house three times in the last week for our son.  You would think this little fairy would be broke what with inflation and all.  Remember when we were kids and the Tooth Fairy would come and the next morning we were so excited she had left us a shiny quarter under our pillows.  A Quarter! That was like 25 tootsie rolls!  Not so much anymore.  My son had once gotten fifty cents and said is that all, so and so got five bucks! What! Five Bucks! I'm guessing the Tooth Fairy was fumbling around in her bag in the dark on that one.  Well, here we sit bracing ourselves for the next tooth and waiting impatiently for all of the money to come. Just think of all the tootsie rolls we could buy.....


  1. LOL. I do not miss the tooth fairy. It was awful trying to figure out how much to give and always there was some kid who got a small fortune :)

  2. Manic Motherhood I know, right! I also have one more kid to go when this one looses all his teeth....Lord help me!